The Wedding Planner

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Adam Shankman
Writers:Michael Ellis and Pamela Falk
Columbia Pictures; PG-13; 105 minutes
Cast:Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras

Not to be confused with Adam Sandler's Wedding Singer, The Wedding Planner ranks a few steps up on the matrimonial comedy ladder. The planner at hand is Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez). She's an ultra-professional who runs Bay Area weddings with steely efficiency. The job takes priority over Mary's love life, until she snags her high heels in traffic and is rescued by Dr. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey). Mary doesn't find out that he's scheduled to wed her newly acquired prize client until days after their spur-of-the-moment date.

Physical comedy meets the romantic variety in the hands of these cute, competent actors. McConaughey maintains heartthrob status without resorting to dopiness, although he obliges the script when it requests sophomoric silliness. As in The Cell and other movies, pop star Jennifer Lopez consciously avoids flaunting her more obvious assets.

The Wedding Planner begins on a promising note and dwindles out long before the movie ends. A hasty script gets the blame. This type of film might be considered on basis of charm alone?and in that category, Lopez and McConaughey aren't lacking.

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