Stone Temple Pilots

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff


  • Atlantic

Despite some seemingly insurmountable problems?like singer Scott Weiland's heroin addiction, which landed him in jail for five months?Stone Temple Pilots have emerged a little beaten, a little bruised, but miraculously intact.

The band's fifth album is a wild mix of styles, heavy as the crunch in the snarling ?Hollywood Bitch? and light as the tender, if overly sweet ballad (?A Song for Sleeping?) that Weiland penned for his infant son.

STP's love of thick, Zeppelin-styled riffs is still very much in play, particularly on songs like ?Coma? and ?Regeneration.? But the fun is in hearing the group switch styles dramatically, turning to Badfinger-flavored power pop in the single ?Days of the Week,? sliding into Brian Wilson land for the richly produced standout ?Black Again,? and letting elaborate instrumentation flow freely through the musically complex ?Transmissions from a Lonely Room.?

Produced by Brendan O'Brien and originally envisioned as a double disc, it's wisely been trimmed down to a very manageable, very enjoyable and refreshingly unpredictable single CD.

Kevin O'Hare