Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director/Writers:Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski
Universal; PG-13; 90 minutes
Cast:Norm MacDonald, Danny DeVito, Dave Chappelle

Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski didn't like their directorial debut enough to give it a decent title. Better known for their screenplay work with such films as Ed Wood, The People vs. Larry Flint, and Man on the Moon, hopes were high for Screwed. The comedy involves SNL standby Norm MacDonald as Willard Fillmore, a disgruntled butler who hatches a foolhardy plan to dognap his employer's prized lap dog. Greasy spoon entrepreneur Rusty Hayes (Dave Chappelle) is his buddy and accomplice. Before long their plan goes awry, and the police believe that Willard himself is being held for the ransom.

Danny DeVito twinkles as an eccentric morgue worker contracted by Willard and Rusty for some illicit business. He imparts a mischievous, energetic goofiness that the main comics lack, relying more on the SNL ?News?-style dry sarcasm less well suited to wannabe rollicking comedies such as this one.

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