Lost Highway

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director: David Lynch
Writers: David Lynch and Barry Gifford
Director of Photography:Peter Deming
Editor:Mary Sweeney
Music:Angelo Badalmenti
Production Designer:Patricia Norris
Producers:Deepak Nayar, Tom Sternberg and Mary Sweeney
October Films; R; 135 minutes
Cast:Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Robert Blake, Balthazar Getty, Robert Loggia and Marilyn Manson

Lost Highway is not as disturbing or as masterful as Blue Velvet, but it is unmistakably Lynch. Lost Highway is utterly baffling ? typical Lynch territory; anything coherent would be a disappointment. Fred (Pullman) and Renee (Arquette) live an anonymous life and have little interest in each other until a series of odd events turns their lives upside down. When Renee is murdered, Fred winds up in jail, though he has no recollection of her death. While incarcerated, with the help of a white-faced ghoul (Blake) he becomes a young punk, Pete (Getty). Renee reemerges as the sexpot girlfriend of a mobster (Loggia) who hungers for Pete. This is a film you must see to understand and appreciate.

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