On the Line

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Eric Boss
Writers:Eric Aronson and Paul Stanton
Miramax; PG; 90 minutes
Cast:Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, Emmanuelle Chriqui

If you can name each (heck, any) individual member of 'N Sync, then On the Line is for you. The group is on the soundtrack, and two of its crooners Lance Bass and Joey Fatone star in the film. Bass leads as Kevin, a polite ad exec who's too timid to speak up for his own work or ask out attractive women. He meets a dream mate (Emmanuelle Chriqui) on the subway, only to hit it off and part ways before Kevin can muster the courage to request her phone number. Undaunted, he posters the subway in search of his crush, leading to a newspaper article and a flood of phone calls from unknown women. His roommates (Fatone among them) kindly begin fielding the calls, pretending to be Kevin in hopes of a hot date. This tangles up the thin strands of fate wafting between Kevin and his true love.

Make no mistake: this is pure pop, lightweight, lighthearted, and innocuous. On the Line has internalized its eagerness to please so fully that the film is nearly unassuming. No, the 'N Sync boys can't act or really command attention without coordinated dance moves. On the Line believes in a world where this shouldn't matter.