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Director:Gregory Hoblit
Writer:Nicholas Kazan
Director of Photography:Newton Thomas Sigel
Editor:Lawrence Jordan
Music:Tan Dun
Production Designer:Terence Marsh
Producers:Charles Roven and Dawn Steel
Turner Pictures and Warner Bros.; R; 120 minutes
Cast:Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland, Embeth Davidtz, James Gandolfini and Elias Koteas

Try as it may, Fallen can't match up to the haunting, atmospheric Seven. Detective John Hobbes (Washington) watches as a serial killer (Koteas) he nabbed dies in the gas chamber. But the killer lives on, as a fallen angel who moves from host to host, taunting Hobbes along the way with snippets from the Rolling Stones song ?Time Is on My Side.? Hobbes has a tough time convincing his partner (Goodman) and lieutenant (Sutherland) that a demon's at work when another series of murders begins. Hobbes looks to theology expert Gretta Milano (Davidiz) for guidance.

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