Dream of Light

Updated February 11, 2017 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Victor Eric
Facets Multimedia; NR; 139 minutes
Cast:Antonio Lpez Garca, Maria Moreno, Enrique Gran

Dream of Light ("El Sol del Membrillo" in original, or "Quince-Tree Light") is a visual poem that values experience over expectation. Situated elegantly between documentary and still-life, it follows Castillian painter Antonio Lpez Garca's encounter with a single quince-tree in his Madrid backyard.

Absolutely unhurried, and often without dialogue, the movie chronicles Antonio's daily processes intended to capture the tree?and the magical sunlight sent through its leaves?onto canvas. His methodic meditations are aligned with Victor Eric's own, and the result is a modest, moving picture. Released in 1992, ongoing international acclaim has finally brought Dream of Light to American audiences. It's a delicate antidote to fame and plot-driven commercial mash.

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