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Directors/Writers: Neil Hunter and Tom Hunsinger
Director of Photography:Richard Tisdall
Editor:John Trumper
Production Designer:James Dearlove
First Run Features; NR; 82 minutes
Cast:James Dreyfus, Michael Urwin, David Coffey, Mark Sands, Andrew Ableson, Darren Petrucci and Michael McGrath

At times seeming more like a documentary than a feature film, Boyfriends examines the ups and downs of relationships as three gay couples attempt to work out their problems during a weekend getaway. Ben (Sands) and Paul (Dreyfus), five-year lovers on the verge of splitting, host unlikely couples Matt (Urwin) and Owen (Ableson) and Will (Coffey) and Adam (Petrucci). The men spend much of the weekend philosophizing about romance and relationships. Frank emotions shine through the low-budget limitations.

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