Almost Heroes

Updated June 26, 2020 | Infoplease Staff
Director:Christopher Guest
Writers:Mark Nutter, Tom Wolfe III and Boyd Hale
Directors of Photography:Adam Kimmel and Kenneth MacMillan
Editor:Ronald Roose
Music:Jeffrey C.J. Vanston
Production Designer:Joseph T. Garrity
Producer:Denise Di Novi
Warner Bros.; PG-13; 90 minutes
Cast:Chris Farley, Matthew Perry, Eugene Levy, Kevin Dunn and David Packer

Chris Farley's last laugh is everything grieving fans could have hoped for: big, dumb, hilarious comedy. Try as you may to look down your nose at Farley's hot-headed, flubbering tirades, his excessive buffoonery will have you double over in spite of yourself. Guest gives Farley and Perry plenty to work with in this perverse slapstick tale about two idiotic 19th-century explorers who beat Lewis and Clark in the race to reach the Pacific.

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