Canadian Prime Ministers Since 1867

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This page lists the term in office, political party, and the name of each prime minister of Canada from 1867 to the present.

Term Prime Minister Party
1867–1873 Sir John A. Macdonald Conservative
1873–1878 Alexander Mackenzie Liberal
1878–1891 Sir John A. Macdonald Conservative
1891–1892 Sir John J. C. Abbott Conservative
1892–1894 Sir John S. D. Thompson Conservative
1894–1896 Sir Mackenzie Bowell Conservative
1896 Sir Charles Tupper Conservative
1896–1911 Sir Wilfrid Laurier Liberal
1911–1917 Sir Robert L. Borden Conservative
1917–1920 Sir Robert L. Borden Unionist
1920–1921 Arthur Meighen Unionist
1921–1926 W. L. Mackenzie King Liberal
1926 Arthur Meighen Conservative
1926–1930 W. L. Mackenzie King Liberal
1930–1935 Richard B. Bennett Conservative
1935–1948 W. L. Mackenzie King Liberal
1948–1957 Louis S. St. Laurent Liberal
1957–1963 John G. Diefenbaker Conservative
1963–1968 Lester B. Pearson Liberal
1968–1979 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Liberal
1979–1980 Charles Joseph Clark Conservative
1980–1984 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Liberal
1984John Turner Liberal
1984–1993 Brian Mulroney Conservative
1993Kim Campbell Conservative
1993–2003 Jean Chrétien Liberal
2003–2006Paul MartinLiberal
2006–2015Stephen HarperConservative
2015–Justin TrudeauLiberal

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