To Mary Who Died in this Opinion

Published by Rossetti, "Complete Poetical Works of P. B. S.", 1870; dated 1810-11.

 1. Maiden, quench the glare of sorrow Struggling in thine haggard eye: Firmness dare to borrow From the wreck of destiny; For the ray morn's bloom revealing  Can never boast so bright an hue As that which mocks concealing, And sheds its loveliest light on you. 
 2. Yet is the tie departed Which bound thy lovely soul to bliss?  Has it left thee broken-hearted In a world so cold as this? Yet, though, fainting fair one, Sorrow's self thy cup has given, Dream thou'lt meet thy dear one, Never more to part, in Heaven.  
 3. Existence would I barter For a dream so dear as thine, And smile to die a martyr On affection's bloodless shrine.  Nor would I change for pleasure That withered hand and ashy cheek, If my heart enshrined a treasure Such as forces thine to break.