To a Star

Published (without title) by Hogg, "Life of Shelley", 1858; dated 1811. The title is Rossetti's (1870).

 Sweet star, which gleaming o'er the darksome scene Through fleecy clouds of silvery radiance fliest, Spanglet of light on evening's shadowy veil, Which shrouds the day-beam from the waveless lake, Lighting the hour of sacred love; more sweet  Than the expiring morn-star's paly fires:- Sweet star! When wearied Nature sinks to sleep, And all is hushed,-all, save the voice of Love, Whose broken murmurings swell the balmy blast Of soft Favonius, which at intervals  Sighs in the ear of stillness, art thou aught but Lulling the slaves of interest to repose With that mild, pitying gaze? Oh, I would look In thy dear beam till every bond of sense Became enamoured-