From the italian of Cavalcanti

Guido Cavalcanti to Dante Alighieri:

Published by Forman (who assigns it to 1815), "Poetical Works of P. B. S.", 1876.

 Returning from its daily quest, my Spirit Changed thoughts and vile in thee doth weep to find: It grieves me that thy mild and gentle mind Those ample virtues which it did inherit Has lost. Once thou didst loathe the multitude  Of blind and madding men-I then loved thee- I loved thy lofty songs and that sweet mood When thou wert faithful to thyself and me I dare not now through thy degraded state Own the delight thy strains inspire-in vain  I seek what once thou wert-we cannot meet And we were wont. Again and yet again Ponder my words: so the false Spirit shall fly And leave to thee thy true integrity.