Pan, Echo, and the Satyr

From the Greek of Moschus

Published (without title) by Mrs. Shelley, "Posthumous Poems", 1824. There is a draft amongst the Hunt manuscripts.

 Pan loved his neighbour Echo-but that child Of Earth and Air pined for the Satyr leaping; The Satyr loved with wasting madness wild The bright nymph Lyda,-and so three went weeping. As Pan loved Echo, Echo loved the Satyr,  The Satyr, Lyda; and so love consumed them.- And thus to each-which was a woful matter- To bear what they inflicted Justice doomed them; For, inasmuch as each might hate the lover, Each, loving, so was hated.-Ye that love not  Be warned-in thought turn this example over, That when ye love, the like return ye prove not. 
 NOTE: _6 so Hunt manuscript; thus 1824. _11 So 1824; This lesson timely in your thoughts turn over, The moral of     this song in thought turn over (as alternatives) Hunt manuscript.