To Sophia [Miss Stacey]

Published by W.M. Rossetti, "Complete Poetical Works", 1870.

 1. Thou art fair, and few are fairer Of the Nymphs of earth or ocean; They are robes that fit the wearer- Those soft limbs of thine, whose motion Ever falls and shifts and glances  As the life within them dances. 
 2. Thy deep eyes, a double Planet, Gaze the wisest into madness With soft clear fire,-the winds that fan it Are those thoughts of tender gladness  Which, like zephyrs on the billow, Make thy gentle soul their pillow. 
 3. If, whatever face thou paintest In those eyes, grows pale with pleasure, If the fainting soul is faintest  When it hears thy harp's wild measure, Wonder not that when thou speakest Of the weak my heart is weakest. 
 4. As dew beneath the wind of morning, As the sea which whirlwinds waken,  As the birds at thunder's warning, As aught mute yet deeply shaken, As one who feels an unseen spirit Is my heart when thine is near it.