by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Fragment 4
Fragment 6

Fragment 5

 'Twas at this season that Prince Athanase Passed the white Alps-those eagle-baffling mountains[1] Slept in their shrouds of snow;-beside the ways 
 The waterfalls were voiceless-for their fountains[2] Were changed to mines of sunless crystal now, Or by the curdling winds-like brazen wings 
 Which clanged along the mountain's marble brow- Warped into adamantine fretwork, hung And filled with frozen light the chasms below.[3]
 Vexed by the blast, the great pines groaned and swung Under their load of [snow]- ... ... Such as the eagle sees, when he dives down From the gray deserts of wide air, [beheld] [Prince] Athanase; and o'er his mien (?) was thrown 
 The shadow of that scene, field after field, Purple and dim and wide... 

"mountains" [editions 1824, 1839]; "crags" [Bodleian manuscript].


"fountains" [editions 1824, 1839]; "springs" [Bodleian manuscript].


"chasms" [Bodleian manuscript]; "chasm" [editions 1824, 1839].