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For thousands around the world, Jainism is an important part of their spiritual life. As one of the most ancient religions in India (including Hindu) and founded by Nataputta Mahavira (also known as Vardhamana Jnatiputra) around 500 BC.

Seen as a spiritual contemporary of the Buddha, Mahavira was called the “Jina”, the Spiritual Conqueror, and followers of Jainism today still celebrate his principles and karmic doctrines through various festivals.

The following are dates through 2030 for such Jain Festivals as Paryushana-Parva, Mahavira Nirvana, and more.

Year Sri Mahavir Jayanti Akshaya Tritiya Paryushana-Parva Samvatsari Anata-Chaturdasi Kshamavani Mahavira Nirvana
2015 April 1 April 21 Sept. 9 Sept. 18 Sept. 26 Sept. 5 Nov. 11
2016 April 19 May 8 Aug. 28 Sept. 5 Sept. 15 Sept. 5 Oct. 30
2017 April 8 April 28 Aug. 18 Aug. 25 Sept. 5 Sept. 5 Oct. 19
2018 March 29 April 18 Sept. 7 Sept. 13 Sept. 23 Sept. 5 Nov. 6
2019 April 17 May 7 Aug. 27 Sept. 3 Sept. 12 Sept. 5 Oct. 27
2020 April 6 April 26 Aug. 15 Aug. 22 Sept. 31 Sept. 5 Nov. 14
2021 April 25 May 14 Sept. 4 Sept. 10 Sept. 19 Sept. 5 Nov. 4
2022 April 14 May 3 Aug. 24 Aug. 31 Sept. 9 Sept. 5 Oct. 24
2023 April 3 April 22 Sept. 11 Sept. 19 Sept. 28 Sept. 5 Nov. 12
2024 April 21 May 10 Aug. 30 Sept. 7 Sept. 16 Sept. 5 Nov. 1
2025 April 10 April 30 August 21 Aug. 27 Sept. 6 Sept. 5 Oct. 21
2026 March 30 April 19 Sept. 8 Sept. 15 Sept. 25 Sept. 5 Nov. 6
2027 April 18 May 9 Aug. 27 Sept. 4 Sept. 14 Sept. 5 Oct. 29
2028 April 7 April 27 Aug. 16 Aug. 24 Sept. 2 Sept. 5 Oct. 17
2029 April 26 May 16 Sept. 4 Sept. 12 Sept. 21 Sept. 5 Nov. 5
2030 April 16 May 5 Aug. 24 Sept. 1 Sept. 10 Sept. 5 Oct. 26

How Many Festivals Does Jainism Have?

The Jain calendar includes many holidays and celebrations. And most of them revolve around the five main life events of one of Jainism’s major spiritual teachers or Tirthankaras, Panch Kalyanaka. These five events include Tirthankara’s arrival during his mother’s pregnancy, his birth, renunciation, gaining omniscience, and his final emancipation.

And while there are many festivals, several stand out as important dates for the Jain community to celebrate according to these life events, including:

Mahavir Jayanti

As the name might hint, this is a celebration of the birth of Jainism’s founder, Lord Mahavira. It falls on the month of the rising moon as temples raise a vibrant, saffron-colored flag high and bathe the founder’s statues in milk in preparation for a joyful parade.

Gyana Panchami

This festival celebrates the gaining of greater wisdom, both for Jainist spiritual predecessors, and for the faithful public themselves. “Gyan” refers to an inner light or spirit, as well as a third eye, leading celebrants to seek deeper knowledge of others and themselves.


Like other Indian religions, Diwali is an important part of the annual calendar, and ushers in the new year. For Jainists, this holiday represents a time to give thanks for abundance and make offerings (or puja) to the goddess of riches, called Laksmi. It is also when Jains celebrate the Nirvana of Mahavira.

The day after Diwali is the official New Year for Jainists and also coincides with the actual day when Gautam Swami, Mahavira’s primary disciple, gained ultimate wisdom and omniscience.

Navapad Oli

Twice a year, in the period of March to April and September to October, faithful Jainists join together in fasting for nine days. This is also known as Siddha Chakra, when participants only eat one simple meal per day before sunset, paired with prayer and meditation.

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