Workers with Access to and Participating in Retirement Benefits, 2005

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All retirement plansDefined benefit1Defined Contribution2
All workers60%50%22%21%53%42%
White collar706125246453
Blue collar605126265038
Bargaining status:
Establishment size:
Less than 100 workers44371094032
100 or more workers786737366953
Goods producing716433326150
Services producing564719185139
NOTES: Data include full-time and part-time private workers.
1. Defined benefit plans guarantee a periodic or lump-sum benefit at retirement.
2. Defined contribution plans—such as 401(k) plans—specify a formula for depositing funds into an account for each employee, but do not guarantee a future benefit.
Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics: Monthly Labor Review, Feb. 2006.

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