Top Ten Richest Americans

The Americans with the most net worth

America's ten wealthiest people are collectively worth more than the lowest two-thirds of Americans. Their ranks are populated by the founders of major internet and software firms, alongside one major retailer and one media and finance mogul. The following table lists the top ten richest Americans in 2019, according to Forbes 400. The table includes net worth in U.S. dollars, name, rank, and company.



Net Worth


1Jeff Bezos$114 BAmazon
2Bill Gates$106 BMicrosoft
3Warren Buffett$80.8 BBerkshire Hathaway
4Mark Zuckerberg$69.6 BFacebook
5Larry Ellison$65 BOracle
6Larry Page$55.5 BGoogle
7Sergey Brin$53.5 BGoogle
8Michael Bloomberg$53.4 BBloomberg LP
9Steve Ballmer$51.7 BMicrosoft
10Jim Walton$51.6 BWalmart
Source:, 2019

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