Jeanie Buss Biography

Jeanie Buss

sports management executive
Born: 1961?

Buss grew up in Hollywood, the third of six children of sports tycoon Jerry Buss. She studied business at the University of Southern California. When she was 19 her father put Buss in charge of the Los Angeles Strings of World Team Tennis. The team won two league championships and Buss was praised as a good promoter. She went on to take over franchises in professional roller hockey and indoor soccer. She also promoted concerts and various other sports events. As executive vice president of business operations for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team, Buss is one of the rare women in the high ranks of professional sports management. A colorful personality, Buss has posed for Playboy magazine and dated some high profile sports figures including tennis bad boy John McEnroe and her current beau, the LA Lakers' former coach Phil Jackson, who resigned after the crushing 2004 finals loss to the Detroit Pistons. In June 2005, Buss's lobbying to get Jackson back came to fruition when it was announced that Jackson would return to the Lakers.