Ronald Reagan Biography

Ronald Reagan

president, actor, sportscaster
Born: 2/6/1911
Birthplace: Tampico, Illinois

The 40th President of the United States was a sportscaster and actor who appeared in 53 films before turning to politics. After graduating Eureka College in 1932, Reagan became a radio sportscaster, landing a job with NBC. In 1937, he signed with Warners, acted in B films for about 10 years and eventually became a solid supporting actor in features. His films include Knute Rockne, All American (1940), King's Row (1942) and Bedtime for Bonzo (1951). Reagan also served as governor of California (1966–74), hosted television's G.E. Theater (1954–61) and served as president of the Screen Actors' Guild (1947–52). He was married to actress Jane Wyman and is currently married to former actress Nancy (Davis) Reagan.

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The Republican National Committee
Died: 6/5/2004

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