Ruth Bell Graham Biography

wife of Billy Graham
Died: June 14, 2007 (Montreat, North Carolina)
Best Known as: wife and confidant of Reverend Billy Graham

Wife and confidant of Reverend Billy Graham who devoted 60 years of her life to his career. She was born to Presbyterian missionaries in northern China. As a child she dreamed of being a martyr for God and wanted to one day be a missionary in China or Tibet like her parents. She met Billy Graham at Wheaton College outside of Chicago, where they both attended college. They were married in 1943 and had five children together. Although Billy traveled often on his evangelical crusades, Ruth stayed and raised their children, and kept her mind sharp in his absence. She authored or co-authored 14 books including collections of poetry and an autobiographical scrapbook called “Footprints of a Pilgrim.“ She and her husband both received the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1996. She was buried at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte.