Warriors of Virtue

Director: Ronny Yu
Writers: Michael Vickerman and Hugh Kelley
Director of Photography:Peter Pau
Editor:David Wu
Music:Don Davis
Production Designer:Eugenio Zanetti
Producers:Dennis Law, Ronald Law, Christopher Law, Jeremy Law and Patricia Ruben
MGM; PG; 103 minutes
Cast:Angus Macfadyen, Mario Yedidia, Dennis Mung, Chao-li Chi and Marley Shelton

Warriors of Virtue flirts with the hyperkinetic coolness of Hong Kong action films that Quentin Tarantino has helped bring to these shores. But a weak script that borrows heavily from Star Wars and the Wizard of Oz never lets the film realize its potential. Ryan Jeffers (Yedidia), who has a bum leg, tries to prove himself with the high-school football crowd by walking across a pipe above a whirlpool. He falls in the water and is transported to a mystical land called Tao, where the forces of Good, kangaroo-like martial-arts experts called Warriors of Virtue, battle the forces of Evil. Ryan has a book, which a Chinese chef gave to him, that is integral to the outcome of the war.

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