The Vines

Highly Evolved

  • Capitol

Hot on the trail of The Strokes from New York and The Hives from Sweden, comes the latest addition to the retro-punk movement's holy trinity—The Vines.

The latest noisemakers are from Australia, and they hit these shores with a truckload of critical praise from the U.K., where New Musical Express called them “a perfect synthesis of The Beatles and Nirvana.”

Those types of comparisons can be tough for anyone to live up to, and while The Vines are a quite refreshing young band, they're not the second coming. But there are plenty of fully fueled moments of fun here, especially the thrashing lead single “Get Free.”

With 21-year-old guitarist Craig Nichols leading the charge, the band pushes the distortion pedal to the floor and lets loose on other songs like the big buzzing “Autumn Shade,” the psychedelic-laced “Sunshinin,” and “Factory,” the latter a harmony-filled blast of ska and pop reminiscent of Wings circa 1974. If they don't get overcome with the hype, look for plenty of bright days ahead for The Vines.

Kevin O'Hare

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