Director:Oliver Stone
Writer:John Ridley
Director of Photography:Robert Richardson
Editors:Hank Corwin and Thomas J. Nordberg
Music:Ennio Morricone
Production Designer:Victor Kempster
Producers:Dan Halsted and Clayton Townsend
TriStar; R; 125 minutes
Cast:Sean Penn, Jennifer Lopez, Nick Nolte, Powers Boothe, Claire Danes, Joaquin Phoenix, Billy Bob Thornton and Jon Voight
Based on the book Stray Dogs by John Ridley

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that nearly every aspect of U-Turn is over done; it's an Oliver Stone film. Still, we expected something different from him, after all, he said himself that's what he had intended. With its music-video style and pacing, U-Turn looks a lot like Natural Born Killers, though it's not quite as off kilter. On his way to Vegas to pay off mobsters, lowlife Bobby Cooper (Penn) has the misfortune of breaking down in Superior, Arizona. His luck further erodes when his car ends up in the care of a shady mechanic (Thornton). Wandering down Superior's Main Street, Bobby meets sexy Native American Grace McKenna (Lopez), who invites him home, neglecting to tell him she's married to the town's cruelest and most powerful man, Jake (Nolte). Jake beats Bobby senseless, then offers to pay him to kill Grace, who offers money to Bobby for Jake's head. A blind Indian wiseman (Voight) informs Bobby just how deep he's in — as if he needed telling.