Director: Robert Butler
Writer: Jonathan Brett
Director of Photography:Lloyd Ahern II
Editor:John Duffy
Music:Shirley Walker
Production Designer:Mayling Cheng
Producers:Martin Ransohoff and David Valdes
MGM; R; 110 minutes
Cast:Ray Liotta and Lauren Holly

Nothing more than Speed at 30,000 feet, Turbulence is run-of-the-mill, Hollywood studio fodder. Aside from top-notch special effects and passable lead performances, improbabilities ruin the fun. For instance, if two dangerous criminals are being flown to Los Angeles, why are four incompetent cops in charge of them? Very few action movies stand up to plot scrutiny, but the good ones trick you into not caring. Still, Holly makes a fine heroine with a lot more pluck and intelligence than the script. And Liotta is a solid psychopath, using his flat-line readings to great effect.

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