Director:David Raynr
Writer:Gary Hardwick
Rogue Pictures; R; 100 minutes
Cast:Deon Richmond, Donald Adeosun Faison, Maia Campbell

Trippin is a summery piece of African American high-school comedy whose vague aspirations at sermonizing are completely overshadowed by an abundance of sexy young things and shallow materialism. Some satire slips in along with the generally juvenile humor, but you've got to be in this one for the booty to truly enjoy what Trippin has to offer.

Greg (Deon Richmond) is a lazy, somnambulant senior whose spare time is spent “trippin'” on various fantasies of sex and power. He puts his head to the books only when he decides that's the best way to get in bed with the sultry, straight A prom queen Cinny (Maia Campbell). Trippin' boils down to a lot of daydreams that place Greg in the arms of scantily-clad women, and the hallmark of 1999 teen comedies — culmination at the prom. The formula is played out on tired character cliches. There's the concerned teacher steering students to college (what's a black movie without a sage but ultimately ineffectual father figure?) and Greg's slackadaisical friends who dabble with a life of violence.