Director:Jim Fall
Writer:Jason Schafer
Fine Line Features; 90 minutes; R
Cast:Christian Campbell, John Pitoc, Tori Spelling

Trick is an decent gay comedy that swaps several stereotypes, only to replace them with several others. Mark (John Pitoc) is a hunky go-go dancer whom the shy musician Gabriel (Christian Campbell) eyes at a bar. A chance subway encounter unites their paths later that night. They decide to spend the evening together when a bevy of comedic pitfalls fall from the sky, starting with Gabriel's straight roomie using the apartment for a conjugal visit, thus thwarting Gabriel's intentions of the same. As the complications complicate, the men actually begin to learn about each other, and the possibility of a lasting romance is born.

Standard issues of coming out and sexual self-realization — quite common in the gay comedies of recent memory — are bypassed in favor of various stereotypes such as the flaming drag queen and the neurotic actress. Tori Spelling's performance as the latter is a treat, although Trick isn't.

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