Trial and Error

Director: Jonathan Lynn
Writers: Sara Bernstein and Gregory Bernstein
Director of Photography:Gabriel Beristain
Editor:Tony Lombardo
Music:Phil Marshall
Production Designer:Victoria Paul
Producers:Gary Ross and Jonathan Lynn
New Line; PG-13; 98 minutes
Cast:Michael Richards, Jeff Daniels, Charlize Theron, Alexandra Wentworth, Jessica Steen, Austin Pendleton, Rip Torn and Dale Dye

Lynn has transplanted his My Cousin Vinny from the South to the West with Trial and Error, and the retooled comedy comes away a little shop-worn. When a raging bachelor party leaves lawyer Charles Tuttle (Daniels) too hung over to appear in court, his actor buddy Richard Rietti (Richards) poses as Charles and plans to simply ask the judge (Pendleton) for a continuance. The trial goes forward and the charade continues with sometimes hilarious results. Not surprisingly, this is Richards's show, and his pratfalls and physical shtick borrowed from Seinfeld's Kramer work on the big screen in a big way.

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