Temptress Moon

Director: Chen Kaige
Writer: Shu Kei
Director of Photography:Christopher Doyle
Editor:Xiaonan Pei
Music:Jipling Zhao
Production Designer:Qiagui Huang
Producers:Feng Hsu and Cunlin Tong
Miramax; R; 130 minutes
Cast:Gong Li, Leslie Cheung, Zhou Yemang and He Saifei
In Mandarin with English subtitles

Lavishly photographed, but the narrative is obscured by melodramatic performances. When his sister marries into a wealthy family, Zhongliang (Cheung) moves to the cloistered Pang family estate and carries on a complicated relationship with the mistress of the mansion, opium-addicted Ruyi (Li). Zhongliang leaves the manor to make his own fortune and ends up a gigolo and thief whose crime boss sends him back to the Pangs to seduce Ruyi and steal the family riches.

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