The Tango Lesson

Director/Writer: Sally Potter
Director of Photography:Robby Müller
Editor:Herve Schneid
Production Designer:Carlos Conti
Producer:Christopher Sheppard
Sony Pictures Classics; PG; 101 minutes
Cast:Sally Potter and Pablo Veron

Not quite as self-indulgent as it sounds, The Tango Lesson follows a movie director, Sally (Potter, playing herself), who, frustrated with her new script and Hollywood producers, takes tango lessons as way to empower herself and fulfill her need for a thrill. She decides to film her lessons with teacher Pablo (Veron), meticulously chronicling them on screen. Potter also reveals her romantic relationship with Pablo, an acclaimed tango dancer. Color shots from Potter's troublesome film, Rage, are interspersed with the rest of the film, which is in black and white.

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