Sugar Town

Directors/Writers:Allison Anders and Kurt Voss
USA Films/October Films; R; 93 minutes
Cast:Rosanna Arquette, Beverly D'Angelo, John Taylor, Ally Sheedy, John Doe

Sugar Town is a sweetly acerbic L.A. satire that skewers the rock business. Directors Allison Anders and Kurt Voss zoom in on the backstabbings and petty preoccupations of the ensemble cast including aging rockers John Taylor and John Doe (of Duran Duran and The X, respectively), Ally Sheedy, and Roseanne Arquette). Producers, pop stars, actors, groupies, New Agers, wannabes, strivers, displaced love children, and Uncle Rick the Junkie all float in L.A.'s primordial soup with an eat-or-be-eaten mindset. Sugar Town is uneven in parts but witty enough to work as a whole.