Director/Writer: Robert Patton-Spruill
Director of Photography/Editor:Richard Moos
Music:Bruce Flowers
Production Designer:Maximillian Cutler
Producers:Ari Newman, Garen Topalian, Stephanie Danan and Patricia Moreno
Miramax; R; 89 minutes
Cast:Tyrone Burton, Eddie Cutanda, Phuong Duong and Geoffrey Rhue

The raw honesty of the three stars lifts this semi-documentary from a trite, seen-it-all-before 'hood film. Squeeze follows three teenage boys (Burton, Cutanda and Duong) from Dorchester, Massachusetts, as they change careers from pumping gas to working at a youth center by day and selling drugs at night — a necessary evil for protection on the street. Unlike most 'hood films that glorify violence, Squeeze shows these kids urgently trying to escape it. Patton-Spruill teaches acting at the real-life youth center and wrote the script for his students, who star in the film.

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