Speed 2: Cruise Control

Director:Jan De Bont
Writers: Randall McCormick and Jeff Nathanson
Director of Photography:Jack N. Green
Editor:Alan Cody
Music:Mark Mancina
Production Designers:Joseph Nemec III and Bill Kenney
Producers:Jan De Bont, Steve Perry and Michael Peyser
Twentieth Century Fox; PG-13; 110 minutes
Cast:Sandra Bullock, Jason Patric and Willem Dafoe

Is anyone really surprised that Speed 2: Cruise Control is a sinker? Speed succeeded with a novel twist on an endless chase scene, and, of course, Bullock would come off as a charmer next to vacuous Reeves. In Speed 2, cop Alex (Patric) tries to make amends with his girlfriend, Annie (Bullock), by taking her on a Caribbean cruise. The romantic getaway turns into hell on highwater when villain John Geiger (Defoe), pissed off about being fired from his job as a software designer, puts the ship on a collision course with an oil tanker. We're not giving anything away by saying the lovers save the day.

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