The Sixth Man

Director: Randall Miller
Writers: Christopher Reed and Cynthia Carle
Director of Photography:Michael Ozier
Editor:Eric Sears
Music:Marcus Miller
Production Designer:Michael Bolton
Producer:David Hoberman
Touchstone; PG-13; 107 minutes
Cast:Marlon Wayans, Kadeem Hardison and Michael Michele

College hoop players Kenny (Wayans) and Antoine Tyler (Hardison) are leading the University of Washington to the NCAA tournament — until big brother Antoine dies of a heart attack during a game. Stricken by grief, Kenny can't cope on the court and the team falls apart. Antoine comes back as a numen visible only to Kenny and helps the team get back on track by blocking the opponent's no-brainers and helping his former teammates sink tough shots. When the other players figure him out, they beg Antoine to let them win on their own. The film shows promise early on, with a fine depiction of brotherly love and competition, but turns annoying and over the top when An-
toine reemerges as a ghost.

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