She's the One

Director/Writer:Edward Burns
Director of Photography:Frank Prinzi
Editor:Susan Graef
Music:Tom Petty
Production Designer:William Barklay
Producers:Ted Hope, James Schamus and Edward Burns
Fox Searchlight; R; 95 minutes
Cast:Jennifer Aniston, Maxine Bahns, Edward Burns, Cameron Diaz, Mike McGlone, John Mahoney and Leslie Mann

In his second outing, filmmaker Burns doesn't stray too far from his much-hyped directing debut, The Brothers McMullen, again hitting on family, love and morality. This time, however, he had a budget that allowed him to use real actors. The result? An entertaining but safe film that revolves around a pair of Irish-American brothers. Mickey (Burns) drives a cab and marries one of his fares (Bahns) 24 hours after they meet. Mickey's stockbroker brother, Francis (McGlone), is having an affair with Heather (Diaz) (who is Mickey's former fiancée) and assures her that he's not cheating on her with his wife (Aniston). The plot meanders, and the characters are less than likeable though closely observed. A great soundtrack, though.