Series 7

Director/Writer:Daniel Minahan
USA Films; R; 85 minutes
Cast:Brooke Smith, Glenn Fitzgerald, Marylouise Burke

Series 7 trains its wit on TV reality shows such as Survivor. The film is composed of three half hour episodes of fictional show The Contenders. Pregnant mother Dawn (Brooke Smith) currently ranks ahead of all other contestants. There aren't many rules to The Contenders: participation is forced, and the sole objective is to eliminate the other players, preferably with the handguns provided.

Reality TV is difficult to spoof since it is so contrived to begin with. One of Series 7's ironies is that it is likely to attract more fans of reality shows than opponents. While not as provocative as it wants to be, Series 7 manages to make the audience care about the contestants despite the sheer ridiculousness of the proceedings. Consistently over-the-top, but usually fresh.