Rough Magic

Director: Clare Peploe
Writers: Robert Mundy, William Brookfield and Clare Peploe
Director of Photography:John J. Campbell
Editor:Suzanne Fenn
Music:Richard Hartley
Production Designer:Waldemar Kalinowski
Producers:Laurie Parker and Declan Baldwin
Rysher Entertainment and Goldwyn Entertainment Company; PG-13; 104 minutes
Cast:Bridget Fonda, Russell Crowe, Jim Broadbent, D.W. Moffett, Kenneth Mars, Paul Rodriguez and Euva Anderson
Based on James Hadley Chase's novel Miss Shumway Waves a Wand

Peploe deserves credit for trying to assemble a film noir/romantic comedy with a bit of magical realism thrown into the mix. Think of Coen brothers turned New Agers on acid. Myra's (Fonda) rich, Howard Hughes-like fiancé, Cliff (Moffett), shoots her magician boss (Mars). Myra captures the incident on film and takes off to Mexico, where she pursues a Mayan drug that will give her magical power. Cliff hires journalist Ross (Crowe), to find Myra, but instead of bringing her home, Ross joins her odyssey.

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