Robert Cray

Sweet Potato Pie

  • Mercury

As a recording artist, Robert Cray has never fit any mold or mindset. Instead, he's gone where he's wanted to, with little or no regard for what's hip or correct in blues circles. Mostly he's ended up in Memphis, as he does this time around. Sweet Potato Pie is a merry merge of soul-laden R&B and blues, arched against a background of hot Memphis horns. While 10 blues-flavored R&B songs make up his canvas on Sweet Potato Pie, it's Cray's voice and guitar that are his brushes. He uses them to paint a landscape of emotionally drenched sounds and feelings with a delightfully contemporary twist. One of the most distinctive black artists to work in blues/R&B since Magic Sam's heyday in the '60's, Robert Cray is indeed his own man.

— Robert Santelli