Richard Thompson

Mock Tudor

  • Capitol

Teamed with hotshot producers Tom Rothrock and Rob Schnapf, best known for their work with Beck and Foo Fighters, veteran British guitarist and songwriter Richard Thompson has emerged with one of his best albums in a decade.

Loosely wrapped around a theme of life in London from the 1960s to '80s, the disc starts strong with the sizzling rhythms of “Cooksferry Queen,” which contains some typically lusty Thompson lines:

“She could get the lame to walking/She could get the blind to see/She could make wine out of Thames River water/She could make a believer out of me.”

Other tracks, including the gutsy “Sibella,” the airtight “Crawl Back Under My Stone,” and the thrashing guitar showcase “Hard on Me,” reveal Thompson's lost nothing with time. And for anyone who loves his masterpiece “1952 Vincent Black Lightning”, this time the writer offers a similarly styled, fiery folk gem, “Sights and Sounds of London Town.”

Kevin O'Hare

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