Red Corner

Director: Jon Avnet
Writer: Robert King
Director of Photography:Karl Walter Lindenlaub
Editor:Peter E. Berger
Music:Thomas Newman
Production Designer:Richard Sylbert
Producers:Jon Avnet, Jordan Kerner, Charles B. Mulvehill and Rosalie Swedlin
MGM; R; 119 minutes
Cast:Richard Gere, Bai Ling, Jessey Meng, Tsai Chin and James Hong

On one hand, Red Corner succeeds in overtly criticizing China's repressive policies, but overall, the film fails because it also wants to be a Hollywood legal thriller. The combination simply does not work. Hotshot American lawyer Jack Moore (Gere) travels to China to seal a billion-dollar satellite TV deal and ends up with a dead Chinese model in bed with him after a night of heavy drinking and sex. Moore is arrested and finds he's in big trouble, with the wheels of justice clearly not spinning in his favor. His public-defender attorney, Shen Yuelin (Ling), begins to believe he was framed, bails him out and puts everything on the table to prove Moore's innocence.