Random Hearts

Director:Sydney Pollack
Writer:Kurt Luedtke
Columbia Pictures; R; 131 minutes
Cast:Harrison Ford, Kristin Scott Thomas

The best part of Random Hearts is the first hour, when Dutch (Harrison Ford) and Kay (Kristin Scott Thomas), a Congresswoman, slowly discover that their spouses, who perished in a much-publicized plane crash, were traveling together in an ongoing affair. Emotional setup and the unveiling of tragedy. So far, so good. But when Duke finally confronts Kay with the knowledge that his wife was cheating with her husband, their mixture of grief, hurt, shock, and denial swirls into the final hour's lukewarm sexualized mess.

Thomas, radiant as ever, shines through rote lines. “I don't even know who I am anymore,” she confides to Ford. The gruff, barely believable paramour replies, “I know who you are.” Less a complex romance than a fluffy flotation device for the aging, sinking Ford, Random Hearts is simply that: random. And nobody needs to see a crashed plane set piece.