Prisoner of the Mountains

Director: Sergei Bodrov
Writers: Arif Aliev, Sergei Bodrov and Boris Giller
Director of Photography:Pavel Lebeshev
Editors:Olga Grinshpun, Vera Kruglova and Alan Baril
Music:Leonid Desyatnikov
Producers:Boris Giller and Sergei Bodrov
Orion Classics; R; 98 minutes
Cast:Oleg Menshikov, Sergei Bodrov, Jr., Jamal Sihouralidze and Susanna Mekhraliyeva
Based on Prisoner of the Caucasus by Leo Tolstoy
In Russian with English subtitles

Though written 150 years ago, the conflicts in Russia remain the same, almost as if no time has passed. Set in a Muslim village tucked away in the Caucasus Mountains, two Russian soldiers, a seasoned veteran, Sacha (Menshikov), and a new recruit, Vanya (Bodrov, Jr.), are taken hostage by Chechens. The Chechen chieftain, Abdoul-Mourat (Sihouralidze) says he will release Vanya in exchange for his son, whom the Russians hold prisoner. During the protracted negotiations, Sacha and Vanya develop a bond between themselves and also with their captors, especially the young, flirtatious Dina (Mekhraliyeva). A moving portrait of the complexity and brutality of war.