The Pillow Book

Director/Writer: Peter Greenaway
Director of Photography:Sarah Vierny
Editors:Chris Wyatt and Peter Greenaway
Production Designers:Wilbert van Dorp and Andrée Putman
Producer:Kees Kasander
Cinepix Film Properties; NR; 126 minutes
Cast:Vivian Wu, Ewan McGregor and Yoshi Oida

The Pillow Book gives new meaning to “skin flick.” Looking to re-create a childhood ritual in which her calligrapher father painted images on her skin, Nagiko (Wu) seeks out male lovers with a skillful hand. She chooses Jerome (McGregor), a bisexual, and he convinces Nagiko to use him as her scroll. Nagiko writes erotic poems on Jerome and presents them to her gay publisher (Oida), who seduces Jerome. A visual work of art that employs Greenaway's signature obsession with texts and filmic games.

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