Open Your Eyes

Director: Alejando Amenabar
Writers:Alejando Amenabar and Mateo Gil
Artisian Entertainment; R; 110 minutes
Cast:Eduardo Noriega, Penelope Cruz, Chete Lera, Fele Martinez, Najwa Nimri

In an imperial city in the center of Spain there lives a man who keeps waking up. Eduardo Noriega plays Cesar, the 25-year-old madrileño playboy who falls for voluptuous Sophia (Penelope Cruz) and thereby disgruntles an earlier lover (Najwa Nimri) who drives him over the edge. Literally. After the mishap Cesar awakens into horrible disfigurement, murder charges, and the loss of his newly beloved Sophia — but this unguessably inventive story is just beginning. What ensues is a taught psychological thriller poised between dream and sanity, nightmare and madness. By the time plastic surgery restores Cesar's looks he's acquired a knack for waking up in drastically different realities and his grip on stable mental ground has begun to loosen. Spanish director Alejandro Amenabar pulls off Open Your Eyes with handsome perplexity that's mind-bending until the very end.