One Fine Day

Director: Michael Hoffman
Writers: Terrel Seltzer and Ellen Simon
Director of Photography: Oliver Stapleton
Editor: Garth Craven
Music: James Newton Howard
Production Designer: David Gropman
Producer: Lynda Obst
Twentieth Century Fox; PG; 105 minutes
Release: 12/96
Cast: Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney, Mae Whitman, Alex D. Linz, Robert Klein, Jon Robin Baitz, Charles Durning, Ellen Greene and Pete Hamill

Couples either have it or they don't. Chemistry, that is. And boy, do Pfeiffer and Clooney have it, though it takes a while for them to realize it. She's a compulsive workaholic architect, and he's a ruffled, unorganized newspaper columnist who can't manage to get his daughter to school on time. In one frantic day, Jack Taylor (Clooney) and Melanie Parker (Pfeiffer) bicker, fall in love and somehow manage to work and care for their 5-year-old children, Maggie Taylor (Whitman) and Sammy Parker (Linz). The story is simple enough, but its verve and the charming appeal of the characters make it a surprise hit.

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