Office Killer

Director: Cindy Sherman
Writers: Elise MacAdam and Tom Kalin
Director of Photography:Russell Fine
Editor:Merril Stern
Music:Evan Lurie
Production Designer:Kevin Thompson
Producers:Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler
Strand Releasing; NR; 81 minutes
Cast:Carol Kane, Molly Ringwald, Barbara Sukowa, Alice Drummond, Eric Bogosian, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Michael Imperioli
Based on a story by Cindy Sherman and Elise MacAdam

Made by Sherman, a respected New York photographer best known for her “Untitled Film Stills,” Office Killer intends to mock the horror genre, though it emerges as a mockery itself. Laid-off copy editor Dorine (Kane) helps her boss with the downsizing at Constant Consumer Magazine, but not by using conventional corporate methods. She murders her former coworkers and then assembles them around a television in her basement. Inexperience isn't the only problem here; the clunky script would have stumped even the most experienced director.

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