Nothing Personal

Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan
Writer: Daniel Mornin
Director of Photography:Dick Pope
Editor:Michael Parker
Music:Philip Appleby
Production Designer:Mark Geraghty
Producers:Jonathan Cavendish and Tracy Seaward
Trimark; NR; 86 minutes
Cast:Ian Hart, John Lynch, James Frain, Michael Gambon and Gerard McSorley

Most films about Northern Ireland's Troubles focus on the IRA or Catholic point of view. Nothing Personal looks at the conflict from the Protestant Loyalist side and depicts political and personal turmoil within the group, illustrating the shades of gray that characterize the problem. Set in 1975, Loyalist gunman Kenny (Frain), already near the breaking point over stalled cease-fire negotiations, is further tormented when his boss (Gambon) orders him to put his psychopathic partner, Ginger (Hart), “to sleep.” Also central to the film is Liam (Lynch), a widowed father who desperately tries, in vain, to remain neutral. A powerfully tragic film.

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