Night Falls on Manhattan

Director/Writer: Sidney Lumet
Director of Photography:David Watkin
Editor:Sam O'Steen
Music:Mark Isham
Production Designer:Philip Rosenberg
Producers:Thom Mount and Josh Kramer
Paramount; R; 115 minutes
Cast:Andy Garcia, Ian Holm, Ron Leibman, Richard Dreyfuss, Lena Olin, James Gandolfini, Colm Feore and Shiek Mahmud-Bey

Night Falls on Manhattan is one of those rare films that actually does justice to our legal system. It tackles police corruption and its corresponding moral quandary in a thoughtful, intelligent manner. After assistant district attorney Sean Casey (Garcia) wins a high-profile case against a cop-killing drug dealer (Mahmud-Bey), he is elected district attorney and finds himself entangled in a corruption scandal. Several New York cops, including his father's partner, are suspected of accepting bribes from the drug dealer Casey just put away. As the son of a cop, Casey believes there's plenty of gray when justice meets the street. A gritty drama with sharply drawn characters.

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