Nick and Jane

Director: Richard Mauro
Writers: Richard Mauro, Peter Quigley and Neil W. Alumkal
Director of Photography:Chris Norr
Editors:Wendey Stanzler and Richard Mauro
Music:Mark Suozzo
Production Designer:Mark Helmuth
Producer:Bill McCutchen
Cinepix Film Properties; R; 96 minutes
Cast:Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, James McCaffrey, David Johansen, Gedde Watanabe and Lisa Gay Hamilton

Not too much story here, but the film's charm and endearing characters make Nick and Jane a winner. Frazzled executive Jane (Wheeler-Nicholson) needs to make some changes in her life. Her chaotic work schedule doesn't leave much time for her friends, and her smug, obnoxious boyfriend is having an affair. After a few chance meetings with Nick (McCaffrey), a New York cab driver/artist who's also having some life problems, Jane and her friend Vicky (Hamilton) decide to use Nick to make her now former boyfriend jealous. They transform the scruffy Nick into a hot Wall Street type in a sequence that nostalgically recalls Pygmalion and present him at a ritzy corporate party. Romance blossoms. Nick and Jane is better than it sounds, really.